Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Santa Video Message

This is so awesome! It's a personalized video message from Santa to your child and it's free! I just did one for each of my children it's just adorable! The boys are gonna freak when they see it. All you do is just add some info about your child like: what toy he/she wants, where they live, his/her name, color of eyes/hair, and a few other things. You download a picture too which goes into the "nice" book. He'll even say your child's name if it is a common one. They didn't say my son Trysten's name because it is spelled differently, but they did say my son Gavin's name. Anyway, go HERE to try it out! It doesn't take long and they don't take any of your personal info or anything. They do ask for your name and email at the end but I just put my first name in and it worked. If you want to see what it's like first for HERE to check out my oldest son's video.